This Might Be Controversial!

This email might lend itself to be on the controversial side and cause some to be offended.  PLEASE hear my heart.  That is not my intention.

I am about education, knowledge, information, wisdom and giving another perspective for people to evaluate and make their own decisions.  But many times, we don’t have all the facts, or we don’t look at a different perspective and we choose to move forward without enough information.

My heart is to stop the evil side of BIG PHARMA and I will attempt to do that one healthy person at a time.  Yes, medications can be important and helpful.  I will never deny that.  But the reliance we have on a “pill” is destroying many people’s lives.  I witnessed first-hand the health demise of my parents who were pharmacies themselves.

Some people might say “Oh you are not a doctor so who are you to give medical advice?”  No, I am not a Doctor nor am I trying to give medical advice.  But understand that “lay people” can educate themselves on issues even though we’ve been led to believe that only Doctors have the wisdom.    My desire is to educate people to get the full picture as to what has happened to the medical industry and the corruption it lies in.

Thirty years ago, when I was selling Laboratory Services for Smith Kline Beecham and Hoffman LaRoche I would call upon the “business managers” of the medical practice.  They were hired to “manage” the business, devise marketing plans and implement them.  Should medical treatment be looked at as a “business” or should it be about healing the sick?  I’m not saying a Doctor’s office should not be managed properly.  What I am questioning is should it be “marketed” to bring in patients.  Shouldn’t patients come to a physician because they practice good medicine and provide results like healing and don’t create long-term patients.

I am sharing a Documentary titled “Science for Hire” The Scientific Industrial Complex’s Betrayal of America.  I cannot encourage you enough to watch this video to at least see a bigger picture.  Then decide what may or may not be happening with your healthcare.

Find the Documentary Here!

I’m not sure we can fight against Big Pharma because the deception and lies are deep.  But we can change our lifestyles and become healthy, so we don’t need the battery of drugs prescribed to people.

My goal is to help you do that; to turn your lifestyle around and make the necessary changes to bring your body to the place where God created it to be … to heal itself.  Given the right tools your body can heal itself.  It doesn’t need to be burned, cut or poisoned to bring healing.

I hope you take the time to listen to this video.  It’s long … about 2 hours but worth every minute.  I watched it over time.  Watch it while doing a project, cooking a meal, washing the dishes.  Don’t feel you need to just sit and watch.  Then please let me know your thoughts.  I would love to dialogue with you on this subject.  If you disagree, I’d love to hear from you also.

Then perhaps we can take the next step to make some lifestyle changes to get your body on the path to a true recovery.

Blessings and love,

Your Spiritual Life & Health Coach … believing in you!