Recently I read a book by Dr. Caroline Leaf called “Think Learn Succeed … Understanding and using your mind to thrive at school, the workplace and life.”

It’s quite fascinating the research she has done for over 20 years about what we put in our mind, what we keep in our mind and what we speak out.  Understand that it’s not about “positive thinking” and speaking to the universe what we want per se, but more about thinking deeply and learning how to learn to think.  We are mismanaging our minds and that is affecting our well-being.  The sad thing Dr. Leaf says is that people are dying younger and younger because of chaotic thinking.  There is a whole scientific application she has researched that would be too lengthy to go into here, so I recommend reading her book.   What I’m writing about here is just the surface of her research.  But it is a beginning.

We are also mismanaging what we eat. 

Because our gut is considered our “second brain” what we truly eat can and will affect our brain health.

We have the power to change toxic mindsets with “customized thinking” about every 10 seconds.  We need to renew and redesign our mind and bring every thought into captivity.  If you are a Christian those thoughts need to be brought into the captivity of Christ.

We can switch our genes on and off with every thought we have, how we respond to those thoughts and lastly interrupt those thoughts.  Research shows that about 5 percent of genetic mutations cause our health issues and 95% of our genes are influenced by life factors and lifestyle choices.  Bottom line our genetic activity is determined by our thoughts, attitudes and perceptions and this is what forms our mindset.

Rewrite Our Past Stories

The other interesting fact is we can rewrite the stories of our past, but it will take some changes in our thinking.  We need to pay attention to what we think about most.  Are we constantly rehashing how frustrated we are with what is happening in our lives currently or in the past?  Do you constantly verbalize that you will never be rid of anxiety and will never live in a place of peace?  Is your home a place that is no longer a place of peace and rest?  Perhaps it’s time to begin changing your thinking, take responsibility and begin to make changes.

Let me ask you …

  • Is your life so full of “doing” that you take no time to just be?
  • Have you forgotten how to spend time being alone with your thoughts … you know maybe some daydreaming?
  • Are you afraid to be alone and that’s why your space or environment is now full of clutter, or you are keeping yourself so busy every day?
  • Do you hate “quiet” and that feeling of being alone and that’s why you always have the TV on or are on social media more than you should be?

Studies show that although we are “more connected” these days, we are actually more isolated.  Social media has given us a false sense of relationships.

Our brains need “thinking” time for its health and well-being (that includes preventing dementia).  Because our brains are neuroplastic, it is constantly changing.  The best part is it can change for the good, but we need to help it.

What does this all have to do with chaos in your life?  It’s about changing the way you are looking at your situation so you can begin to implement change in your life.  You need to remove the old records and replace them with uplifting, positive ones.

Consider …

  • Why do you live with chaos?
  • Has your life been hard, full of trauma, dis-ease and pain?
  • Are you choosing to live this way because you think you deserve it?
  • Is the chaos in your life and environment in sync with the chaos in your soul?

You have a choice to stay in the chaos or move out.  The choice is yours.  If you don’t make a choice, one could be made for you … and you might not like it.  If you just follow your feelings, they could lead you right back to what you are comfortable with and that’s probably the chaos.  You may say you don’t like the chaos but it’s what you are familiar with and that’s what you feel most comfortable with.  The pressure you feel could just push you towards giving up and quitting.

Getting to the Root

One of the things I try to encourage my clients to do is really get to the root of why they want to make changes.  Saying that they are sick of the pain in their life sometimes really isn’t enough.  Why?  Because when things get hard and those old records are blaring in their mind, they tend to give up and go back to believing what the records/lies are saying to them.

Make the decision today to think about what you are thinking about.

Decide today to do something about the mode of your thinking.

Lastly, make the decision today to live a life of peace, freedom and abundance.

Would you like to have a 30-minute free consult on the phone?  Let me know.  I’d be happy to get you on that journey of peace, love, joy and health in your life.  Let’s get started.

Your Spiritual Life & Health Coach … believing in you!

The Importance of Renewing Your Mind!