Spring is in the air.  I’m not sure where all my readers are in the United States, but here in Connecticut we are enjoying some breakthrough of Spring.  As I write this message to you, it is 55 degrees outside.  It definitely is starting to feel like Spring.

Today I want to talk with you about health and well-being.  I love this statement by Dr. Mark Hyman.

“Health does not happen in your Doctor’s office. 

It happens in your kitchen, in your bedroom,

in your school, where you work and in your Churches. 

It happens where you eat, live and learn. 

It happens where you play or where you pray.”

Do you see the truth in this statement?  I hope so.  Sadly, many turn to Doctors for health and on some level, it makes sense that we do because that’s how we are being trained.  Just look at the TV commercials.  I recently overheard a conversation where this individual was sharing with someone how she’s on a new medication … “you know the one they advertise on television.”  I found that interesting.  She spoke on a medication and related it to a TV commercial.  Does she believe TV commercials are where she can get educated on her medical needs?  Well, I believe that’s Big Pharma’s goal.

But does health happen in a doctor’s office.  Sure, if you are sick and need a medication, then by all means take it to alleviate your symptoms.  But is that medication bringing you to a place of health or even getting to the root of your problem?  Probably not.  It may remove the symptoms but many times it’s only for a period of time.  Once you stop the medication, your symptoms could be back to its initial state or worse you have a side effect from the medication, and you are dealing with other symptoms.

I tell people all the time when they are watching TV, close your eyes when these commercials come on and just listen to the words.  Don’t look at the pictures of all the happy people, running, playing and enjoying life. That’s to give you a visual of what they want you to think your life will be like if you take this medication.  But don’t let your eyes see that.  Just listen to the words.  It will frighten the “bejebers” out of you.  The side effects are so concerning that I wouldn’t consider those medications for a second.  These days they don’t seem to even hide side effects … not even if death is one of them.

Do why does Dr. Hyman say that health doesn’t happen in your Doctor’s office … and he’s a Doctor?  First because he is a Functional Medicine Doctor who gets to the root of problems and what he’s trying to communicate (and I am as well) is that health happens in your life by the choices you make.

  • It happens in your kitchen by the choices you make of what you put in your body from the food you eat.
  • It happens in your bedroom by the sleep you get and the healthy relationship you have with your spouse.
  • It happens in your schools when your children are taught proper nutrition and the school models it by giving them healthy lunches.
  • It happens where you work if your career or job is fulfilling and joyful and not a drudgery every day.
  • It happens in your Churches when you have a spiritual life with your Creator.
  • It happens when you have a life that is balanced, and you don’t just focus on work, but you get play time in.
  • And lastly it happens when you have a life of prayer.  Where you can release your issues and concerns into the Hands of the One who can take that burden from you and help you walk in His yoke and burden.  Because He says, “His yoke is easy, and his burden is light.”

So how about you?  Are you one that is relying on your physician to bring health into your body?  Then how about making a paradigm shift and taking control back yourself.  You be the one to determine that you will make lifestyle changes to walk in health and that you are not leaving it in your Doctor’s hands.

Be one that will take the advice of your Doctor and then do some research to determine if his recommendation is the best and right protocol for you to take.  Have that discussion with him or her.  Understand that much of what we deal with medically is reversable.  We don’t need to live with diabetes, autoimmune disease or even cancer.  We also don’t need to adhere to the cut, burn or poison method of healing the body of dis-ease that traditional medicine has adopted.

Make that decision for yourself and your children.  Begin to make those lifestyles changes in your kitchen, bedroom, school, work and Church.  Learn to eat differently where your diet changes to whole REAL food.  Then begin to incorporate play into your life.  Find things you enjoy and that can make you laugh and smile.  Lastly, don’t forget to add prayer into your life.  Have that relationship with the Creator of the Universe.  Know that it’s not about religion but about relationship.  It will be the best relationship you could ever have.

And of course, if this seems too overwhelming for you, then consider working with a health coach who will map out with you the changes you need to bring that health into your life and your home.  I am always here to help you.

Blessings, peace, love, joy and health!

Your Spiritual Life and Health Coach … believing in you!

Health Does Not Happen in Your Doctor’s office!