Organizing for Christmas!

It is really hard to believe that Thanksgiving was just 4 days ago, and Christmas is a little over 3 weeks away AND I’m not ready … at least with my shopping.  I have purchased a few gifts so far but have still a whole lot more to go.  I usually know my menu, but I’m not fully decided on…

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Organizing for the Holidays – What To Do In November!

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just weeks away and Christmas and Hanukkah are right around the corner. Are you ready? Are you beginning to feel overwhelmed? Is there a pit in your stomach beginning to form? Are you dreading the Holidays … even at this point? Are you a “last minute” shopper? Well don’t let old habits get…

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Last Minute Gift Giving Ideas

With Christmas … and Hanukah just 12 days away, gift giving can be somewhat stressful if you still have gifts to purchase. Do you have family or friends that you are just stumped as to what to give them? Do you have a limited budget but want to be creative? Do you feel that you give the same old, same…

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15 Organizing Tips For the Holidays

Can you believe that Christmas is just 20 days away? Are you ready? I have to say I am not. I have 2 gift purchased thus far. But I have to say I do have my Christmas Binder and I’m ready to move forward … a little faster. Create a Holiday Binder. In that Binder, you could have sections such…

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How to Reduce Stress During This Holiday Season!

With the Holidays fast approaching, are you starting to feel overwhelmed?   As exciting as this time of year can be, having two Holidays somewhat close to each other can be a bit overwhelming. What are some things you can do to help ease the stress and make it an enjoyable Holiday season? Check out these tips below and see if…

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A Simple Message …

Budget organization help from Regina Sanchez a Professional Organizer

“Relieving Financial Holiday Stress”

With Christmas only 9 days away, many are feeling the stress of this Holiday coming upon them. I don’t believe when Christians starting celebrating the birth of Christ, that all the consumerism and stresses where something that was intended. For Christians, this should be a time of celebration and joy of the birth of Christ. Knowing that God so loved…

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Gift Wrapping Station

“Non-Clutter Gift Giving Ideas!”

Do you need some last minute “gift giving ideas?” Have you considered gifts that won’t add clutter to your recipients home? Well here are some ideas to help you be creative in giving a “non-clutter” gift. CHILDREN Classes – Are your children gifted or talented in specific areas such as music, dancing, art, or riding? Give them lessons to their…

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Organizing and Preparing for Christmas!

It is really hard to believe that Thanksgiving was just 4 days ago and Christmas is a little over 3 weeks away AND I’m not ready … at least with my shopping. I have purchased two gifts thus far but have still a whole list to go. Last night I sat down to begin putting together my dinner menu for…

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“Christmas is Right Around the Corner!”

Here are some last minute organizing suggestions as we are in the midst of celebrating Hanukkah and having Christmas less than a week away. This weekend work with you little ones to remove those toys that are no longer played with or wanted to make room for the new gifts.  If they are in good condition, donate them to charity….

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