Organizing for Christmas!

It is really hard to believe that Thanksgiving was just 4 days ago, and Christmas is a little over 3 weeks away AND I’m not ready … at least with my shopping.  I have purchased a few gifts so far but have still a whole lot more to go.  I usually know my menu, but I’m not fully decided on that as of yet.

But I’m not worried.  I will have a handle on what needs to be done to have a successful Christmas with my family within the next few days.  How about you?  Are you feeling ready or are you feeling overwhelmed?  Being overwhelmed as Christmas is approaching is never a good idea.  We should be enjoying Christmas and not feel it’s a burden.  That’s why planning and organizing are critical to ensure a peace celebration of your Christmas season!

What are those chores and tasks that need to be accomplished so your Christmas can be a success?  Well, I’ve made a list, checked it twice and hope it will make your load lighter!

  • Decide on your budget for Christmas gifts.
  • Make your Christmas gift list. Remember keeping track of what you buy family and friends each year is helpful.  Also, track what you spend.
  • Take your family Christmas photo and order Christmas cards if you do the “Photo” Christmas Cards.
  • Schedule your shopping days but consider doing some “on-line” shopping.
  • Decide on a place for storing your Christmas gifts … at least until you wrap them.
  • Decide on a place for storing all your Christmas shopping receipts.
  • Purchase wrapping paper, Christmas cards and stamps.
  • Wrap gifts as you purchase them.
  • Purchase and wrap “on hand” gifts for unexpected guests.
  • Write out your Christmas cards.
  • Plan, schedule and invite those for the Christmas parties you host.
  • Schedule babysitter for the Christmas parties you attend.
  • De-clutter house to make room for Christmas decorations … and decorate.
  • Decorate outside.
  • Put up your Christmas tree if you use artificial. Purchase Christmas tree if you have fresh.  Then decorate.
  • Review your Christmas cookie list.
  • Review your Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day dinner and plan your menu.
  • Check on ingredients and make list of what you need to purchase for your meals.
  • Begin to purchase ‘non-perishable’ foods.
  • Make meals and freeze for those busy times closer to Christmas.
  • Re-charge or purchase batteries for your cameras or special gifts.
  • Backup pictures from your phone or camera to be sure you have space to take more pictures.
  • Prepare your guest room for your Christmas guests.
  • Clean out the refrigerator to be sure you have room for your Christmas meals.
  • Purchase your ‘perishable’ foods.
  • Set the table.
  • Set a schedule and cooking times for your Christmas Eve/Christmas Day meals.
  • Remember to have some down time to recharge.
  • Lastly, remember the reason for the season!!!

If your planning still overwhelms you, consider hiring a Professional Organizer to help you with your Christmas Planning List.

Have a wonderful and Merry Christmas!  I hope all your dreams for this Christmas season will come true.

Your Health, Wellness & Organizational Coach … Believing in You!