25 Different Sugars and Their Effects On Your Body!

I’m not sure if this is the perfect teaching to send the day after Mother’s Day as many times, we indulge that day in sweets.  But regardless of having a day or a few days of having sugar in your diet, I think this video by Dr. Livingood is VERY informative regarding the different types of sugar and their effects on your body.

He reviews 25 different sugars both natural sugar and those that are chemically produced.  Dr. Livingood reviews:

  • What are the sugars for?
  • Do they impact trying to lose weight?
  • Do they create inflammation and toxicity?
  • Are calories involved?
  • Are there any benefits from these sugars?
  • What are the ones you should highly consider staying away from?

He will review each sugar individually and let you know the following:

After I viewed Dr. Livingood’s video, I found to be very beneficial and something I will keep for continual reference.  I think you will also find it informative.  It’s about 50 minutes long and will shed light for you how you should proceed using sweeteners in your diet.  We shouldn’t feel that we need to stay away from sugar completely, but understanding which ones impact your health in a greater way will help you to manage this sweetener in your diet.

Click this link to get started.  Watch Video here! .  Consider saving it for “Watch Later” if you cannot fit it in your schedule right now.  To do that, click the 3 buttons on the bottom right of the video and click Save and then Water Later.

I hope you enjoy AND find it to be informative!  Please let me know if you have any questions or if you would like help in removing those sugars damaging to your and how you can enjoy sweet treats without overloading your insulin and pancreas.

Happy Studying!

Your Spiritual Life & Health Coach … believing in you!