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In this episode, we were blessed to have Odie Schoenborn as our guest speaker.  Odie has been a nurse for 45 years. Her background is in pediatrics (26 years) and mental health and substance abuse (15 years).

Odie discusses many of the “red flags” regarding vaccines that she encountered in her many years as a nurse. One of them was the vaccine injuries due to the mercury in vaccines.  We asked Odie if the pharmaceutical companies ever educated medical professionals on the ingredients of vaccines and the potentially dangerous side effects.  Listen here to get her answer and more.

Bird’s Eye View with Odie!

As a reminder, our mission is not to advise you what to do, tell you what to do or judge you for the choices you make.  Our desire is to provide you will information to help you ask questions, do your own research, and have more information than what the media tells you so you can make an “informed” decision regarding every medical issue in your life.  We hope these discussions will propel you to become your own health advocate and obtain information before making any medical decisions.


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