Simple Health Changes for Your Kitchen!

If you follow me, you know I try my best to eat organically.  I know it’s hard sometimes because organic food seems so much more expensive.  How I justified this added expense was I figured I either pay on this side of health or I pay on the ill side of health.  But either way there is a cost.

No matter what hard times I’ve gone through, I was always able to maintain my organic eating.  When I have a greater budget, then I may spend more for certain meats.  But when my budget is a little tight, I stay with the basics.

But putting food aside, there are certain things you can implement in your kitchen that is healthy.  What are they?

  1. Do not use aluminum foil on your food in the oven. The aluminum can leach into your food and they are finding that individuals with Alzheimer’s have high aluminum levels.  Does aluminum cause Alzheimer’s?  I don’t think they know.  But it is a metal and toxic to our body.  So instead of using aluminum, use unbleached parchment paper for your baking needs.
  2. Remove, throw away (don’t even donate) your Teflon coated pans. They are highly toxic with PFOAs and PTFEs. Not only could these chemicals end up in your food when you heat the pans, it can also be released into the air.  I used a ceramic coated pan called Green Pan.
  3. Replace your “bleached” paper towels and napkins with either unbleached products or washable organic cotton napkins and towels. Most paper products are made from wood and then bleached.  It can form dioxins and get leached into the air and our water supply.
  4. Don’t use your microwave but if you do, then be sure you do NOT microwave your food in plastic … even if it says it’s microwave safe. These plastic chemicals could get leached into your food.  Use glass only.
  5. Don’t store your food in plastic. Store it in glass.  Especially don’t put hot food in a plastic container to then put in your refrigerator.  I’ve thrown away all my Tupperware (actually use it in my garage) and now use glass Pyrex dishes for my storage.
  6. Try your best to not drink water from your faucet. It is probably filled with fluoride and chlorine.  Get a filter system for your sink or at least one for your countertop for drinking water.

Hope these 6 Tips will help you to bring some “healthy” changes into your kitchen.  You and your family deserve it.

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    • So nice to hear from you Marcia. I think of you often. Yes avoiding those items in the kitchen are important to our health. Glad you are aware of that. Be well. Thanks for connecting.