What Are You Feeding Your Body & Your Emotions?

With all the postings about the Coronavirus right now I’m sure the last thing you probably want is another thing to read.  I just want to say that although it can pertain to this pandemic this writing pertains to all of life.

If you know me, you know I LOVE flowers.  They are my most favorite gift from God.  My home has some flowers inside but come the Spring my gardens blossom with beautiful flowers.  I usually have flowers on my deck and when fall starts approaching those flowers are still alive and well.  I bring them in the house.  But 95% of the time they seem to die.

Well in the fall, I brought in two Gerber Daisy plants.  They were doing ok but no flowers.  Then after a few months they were not doing well.  So, I had a thought.  Maybe if I give it “plant food” it will do better.

If I gave it food …

Isn’t that interesting?

What a novel concept!

Seems like common sense!

So, I did.  I fed them some nice organic plant food and after a short while look what I got?  Look close there are about 4 flower buds.

Then a few flowers popped up.  Amazing right.  If we “feed” something, we will get something of life and beauty.

What does that say if we don’t feed something with the nutrients it needs to survive?  It probably will die which is exactly what my plants were doing.  This was such a word picture for me.  I was shocked to see these buds.  Not sure why but I was.

As time went on, this is what my beautiful Gerber plant looks like.  Beautiful flowers that welcome me each morning as I come down the stairs to start my day.

What are you feeding yourself both physically and emotionally?  Because of this issue that is happening in our nation, are you full of stress and worry?  I hope not.  Because if you are, you are weakening your immune system and you do need it strong for such a time as this.  Learn to breath deep and know this too shall pass.  Having faith in something greater than yourself will help keep you balance.  My greater one is Christ.  I am at peace.

But what else are you feeding yourself.  Are you feeding your body processed foods?  Did you stock up on canned soup full of sodium, MSG (it’s now renamed) and other preservatives?  Are you eating boxed prepared foods?  I’m hoping not.  I’m hoping you are preparing healthy meals for your family made from “whole/real” foods.  Take this time as an opportunity to make some of those recipes you’ve wanted to for a while.  Look through those piles of recipes you’ve taken out of magazines with the hope of making.  Now is the time.  Include your children in making these recipes.  Teach them how to cook; especially if they’ve expressed an interest and you haven’t had time.  Now is the time.  Feed your body with real food.  Your immune system will thank you.

What are you feeding your emotions?  Are you feeding it all the negativity that the media is releasing?  Do you keep the TV on with the News stations playing all day?   Please don’t.  Listen to uplifting messages.  If you are a believer, get on You Tube and find those Preachers/Teachers who will encourage and lift you up.  If you aren’t a believer, put on some classic music.  It will calm you and bring a peace into your life.

So, my friend, think about what you are feeding yourself.  Think about how you can bring peace into your home, your family and yourself.  You’ll be glad you did.

If you need some support, let’s chat.  I offer 30-minute free consults.  Right now, I’m not putting any time limit on those calls.  You have me as long as you need me.

Reach out.  I’m here for you.

Your Health, Wellness & Organizational Coach … believing in you!



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