Circle of Life … Health!

Last week, we talked about Joy and the importance of having a life filled with joy.  Do you feel that your life is full of joy, or do you have an overwhelmed life and depression seems to have more control over you?  Don’t stay there.  You can move out of that place in your life and I’m here to help.

This week we are focusing on the final spokeI believe this particular spoke sums up all of the spokes on the circle.  This Circle of Life we will discuss is healthHealth is the most important aspect of our life.  Without health, you wouldn’t be able to work, have productive relationships, exercise, be creative or be full of joy.  I love this statement:

Health is Wealth!

At some point in all our lives we are looking for a way to make more money, be wealthy, or have that extra income to enjoy the “extras” in life.  But when we are not healthy, we are truly lacking in wealth.  Our health is the wealth we all should be striving for.  When we have health, everything opens for us to accomplish.  We can become unstoppable.

Something I strongly believe it that it is “God’s will that we be well and whole.”  I know this can be controversial because we all have had someone in our life that we prayed for their healing, yet they passed away.  This is a topic for another discussion and will be discussed in my book soon.  But I truly stand on this truth and cannot be swayed to think differently; even if someone I know and even prayed for has passed away.

How can you walk in the fullness of health?  Well for one you need to take control over your health and your life.  You cannot leave your health in the hands of your doctor, your spouse, your parent, the pharmaceutical company, and God forbid the Government.  You and only you can take control of your health.  We all need to be our own health advocate.

I experienced this so clearly when my sister and I were my parents Medical Representative.  That meant we were legally entitled to get all their medical information and we could make their medical decisions if they were not capable of doing it.  What was so heart breaking to me was my parents were of the generation that they 100% listened and believed what their doctor was saying.  They never questioned anything.  Now I’m not trying to judge medical doctors.  Most are doing the best they can do based on the education they were given.  They were not taught much in the way of nutrition and that “food is medicine.”  They were taught more in the way of “a pill for an ill.”  So, what happened to my parents (especially my mom)?  They were like pharmacies.  They were on so many medications.   One medication might have taken care of one issue but had side effects and caused another medical condition.  So, another medication was added to the list.

I had created a form that had mom’s lists of meds, her surgeries, her illnesses, etc.  Every time I went to the Doctor with my mom, or she ended up in the ER, all that information was available, and we were not reinventing the wheel.  The medical staff was so grateful for my list.  My mom would never have been able to manage and navigate her health towards the end of her life.  She was grateful she had my sister and I to ask the questions, find alternative ways to reach her health result and be sure more meds were not added to her cocktail of drugs.

Now I understand that being your own health advocate can seem overwhelming to you.  It can be.  But by asking questions, reading, learning, and listening to “all sides” of medical issues will enable you to navigate your health.  Also, for me I seek the wisdom of the one who has all answers.  He is the one who created me.  God almighty.  He is truly the great physician and knows what we need to be well.  I have truly experienced seeking His wisdom for health issues, received my answer, applied that answer, and had my healing.

Lastly, know that your body has been created to heal itself.   If you have heart issues, it’s not because your body is lacking Lipitor.  Or if you have high blood pressure it’s not because your body is lacking Prinivil or Zestril.  No, you probably need to make some lifestyle and dietary changes so your wonderful immune system that God has created in you, can begin working to bring your healing.

To sum up these past weeks of focusing on The Circle of Life, I hope you had a chance to make any necessary changes to those spokes that were off balance.  The sum of those spokes will give you the health you were created to have.  Here is CircleOfLife again.  Now go and mark on each spoke where you stand in those areas today.  Compare it to the first one you did and see the positive changes you made or the areas that still need a focus.

If you feel stuck and would you like to begin taking charge of your health but feel lost?  Let have a chat so I can begin to guide you in the right direction.  Click here Let’s talk about getting you on track!  Remember, I’m here for you.


Your Spiritual Life and Health Coach … believing in you!