Why Would I Want to Work with a Coach?

As we navigate life and transition throughout the different seasons we go through, sometimes they can be hard, confusing, or tumultuous.  Many years ago, when I was going through a very difficult divorce, having a Coach come along side me might have made it more tolerable.  There were times I wished I had an Attorney, or someone whose been through the process, to evaluate what my current Attorney was doing and saying.  I was confusing at times.  Did he have my best interest at heart?  I did put my trust and faith in Christ but having “flesh” would truly have added more comfort to the process.  A Life or Divorce Coach would have been the ideal Coach to work with.

When it comes to making lifestyle changes with your health, working with a Health Coach would be the ideal support.  Years ago, when I was growing up, our food system was not as complex as it is today.  Processed foods were just being introduced and was not to the magnitude as it is now.  These days knowing what to eat frankly can be difficult … as crazy as that sounds.  I have clients, friends, etc. tell me they eat healthy.  But when we look at their pantry, refrigerator or what they are eating daily, something different shows up.

For example, you may have a brand of olive oil that you have used for years.  You love this brand and love the taste.  But do you know that if your brand does not have the NAOOA Certified Symbol, you could potentially not be getting pure olive oil.  It could have canola oil, vegetable oil or any other “cheap” oil with a little olive oil in it.  Sadly, we need to educate ourselves on our food supplies.

But not only should we consider what we are putting in our bodies, we need to look at what we are putting on our body or what we are cleaning our homes with.  When we look at those areas, it can answer a lot of questions to health issues.

Making lifestyle health changes to perhaps lose weight, could seem simple enough.  We could even have a plan or diet in place.  The problem could arise in just following the plan.  That’s where a Health Coach would be helpful.  They can fine tune the plan, help with ways you may get “tripped up,” ask those “open ended” questions that will help and guide you along the path.

People can get tripped up when they make the decision that they just “want to be healthier.”  Making the decision is a great first step.  But there are others steps to follow.  A Health Coach will help you also see that there is more to healthy living than the food you eat. Relationships, exercise (or lack thereof), career and your spirituality will affect your health?  It’s important to take a “whole” person approach to supporting yourself.

A Health Coach is someone that has an abundance of resources to help you reach your life and health goals.  They help laser in on your goal and get to the depth of that goal.  Just saying, “I want to lose weight” may not be a strong enough factor when you are tempted to eat that ice cream cone.  Coaches are here to support and facilitate you in this journey.

Could this be an issue you are dealing with?

  • You are having some medical issues and need support carrying out your doctor’s recommendations.
  • You are suffering from a chronic condition and want to make some lifestyle changes. Do you know that at least 150,000,000 Americans suffer from at least one chronic condition such as heart disease, diabetes, and thyroid issues just to name a few?
  • You want to manage your health condition through diet and lifestyle changes.
  • You want to create change in your life to build your immune system and focus on prevention.

A Health Coach will help you realize you have what you need inside of yourself to accomplish your goal.  You just may need some encouragement, guidance, love, and support along the way.

Let’s schedule a Discovery Call so we can define your goal and see how I might be able to help you reach it.  Schedule a call right here … Free Discovery Call

Your Spiritual Life and Health Coach … believing in you!

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