The Truth About Table Salt!

As a follow up to my Blog a few days ago regarding working with a coach and it’s benefits, I want to pass along a resource to you to help you add to your “healthful” eating.  Many people stay away from salt because they believe it’s bad for you.  Yes iodized, kosher, and commercial sea salt is bad for you.

Our bodies do need trace minerals that salt can provide (for example magnesium).  But you want to be sure it’s pure salt.  If you are using regular table salt and even some sea salts, there might be microplastics mixed in.  Why?  How?  From all the plastics that are thrown into our water/oceans.

A recent study was done by Greenpeace.  Their findings are disturbing.  They tested 39 brands of salts from 16 different countries.  Included in this study were lake salt, rock salt and sea salts.  They found as much as 1,679 microplastics in each kilogram of salt.  Ugh.  This is frustrating for sure.

Recently, I found a brand of salt that is pure, clean sea salt free of all chemicals and microplastics.  Go to this link to read more Pure/Safe/Healthy Sea Salt They provide you with the American Laboratory test proving the purity of their salt.  Is it inexpensive?  Not necessarily.  But I’ve made the decision that I will pay for healthier food on this side of life and not pay for it in health issues down the road.  But it is a choice we all must make.

If you would like some assistance in what’s in your pantry, let’s talk.  Schedule a free Discovery Call by clicking here Free Discovery Call  Oh, and BTW, I make nothing in the way of commissions from this recommendation to you.  I just want you to eat healthy and be healthy.  Can’t wait to chat with you.

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