Traditional vs Holistic/Functional Medicine

Not too long ago, I was in the Hospital tending the needs of my soon to be 90 year old mom.  I brought her to the ER because I thought she might have an UTI, which would explain her confusion, doctorand a possible mini stroke.  After spending some time in the ER, she was admitted into the Hospital and preceded to have a battery of very invasive tests done.  They were all coming back negative.  I asked her GP if he would order a mercury test on her to determine if some of her symptoms were due to mercury poisoning.   We got into a bit of a heated discussion.  He refused.  I said I wanted it for her.  He refused.  Asked me why I thought she could possibly have mercury poisoning.  I said for one, she eats a lot of fish and secondly (I said the forbidden reason) she does get vaccinated.  That didn’t go over well.  He refused to do it and said that he has never seen anyone with mercury poisoning.  My response, “Well you are looking at one.”

In October of prior year, I was again dealing with not sleeping well.  I began using Essential Oils and was having some success but I was not to where I should be.  So I decided it was time to visit my Naturopathic Doctor.  I also wanted some blood work done.

She told me she wanted to test me for mercury poisoning.  To this I was surprised.  She told me she was seeing a number of patients coming in with mercury poisoning and that they were eating salmon (which should have low levels of mercury).  I had been eating a decent amount of fish at that time but I bought my fish from Whole Foods.  I had been in Maine over Labor Day weekend and ate lobster in some form everyday.  I also had visited a sushi restaurant with my sister in October.

I agreed to the test never thinking it would be an issue.  Well the results came back.  I had 25 mcg of mercury “free floating” in my blood.  To this I was shocked.  Met with my Naturopath again and she proceeded to put me on a detox program … and of course NO fish!  By March the mercury was gone from my blood.  We still don’t know how long I had it and had it embedded into any of my tissues or organs?

Now if I had gone to my traditional medicine doctor and told her I was having sleep problems and periodic anxiety issues, she would have prescribed a sleeping pill and an anti-anxiety med.  Meanwhile the mercury that was “free floating” in my blood would have eventually left my blood and resided in my tissues, organs and even my brain.  How dangerous is that?

Traditional medicine, as necessary as it is at times, can also be detrimental to our well-being.  My mom’s GP was uninformed, or perhaps didn’t want to know.   Because, frankly, he is the one that gives her the vaccinations.  Traditional medicine doesn’t try to uncover the root cause but just looks at the symptom and then proceeds to look at the list of meds to prescribe.  You have to ask and wonder if they know enough to realize that some of the side effects of these meds will cause other illnesses down the road?  I look at my mother’s battery of meds and can see a possible link to other illnesses.  For example a new drug she is taking has a side effect of High Blood Pressure.  Prior to going on this drug her blood pressure was doing ok.  Now she has HBP.  The statins she takes causes muscle pain and weakness as well as mental confusion.  Well those are symptoms and issues she deals with also.  It’s a mess and should not be taken lightly.  We are in a healthcare crisis.  But we need to stop relying on the medical establishments to find a level of wellness for us.  We need to take the responsibility ourselves, study, learn and educate ourselves on ways to improve what may be medically hindering us.

There are answers out there and most times it’s not in taking drugs but changing the foods we eat, the life style we lead and the stress we allow to fester in our bodies.

Take control of your health and be determined to live a long life that is worth living!

Do you need help determining if your Primary and Secondary foods are nourishing you?

Are you confused by what is healthy and not healthy to eat?

Do you question what you are being told by your Physician?


Well please start and then go to Contact Me , I’d be happy to guide you through a process of bringing you to a life of “Health and Wellness.”


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