Will Working With a Coach Propel Me to My Goal?

Coaches are a somewhat new profession … or maybe not.  Throughout all our lives we’ve had coaches helping us without really realizing it.  When you had a good teacher that guided you towards a goal, that’s a coach.  Or a friend whose “been there done that” and now will help you get there, is like working with a coach.  How about playing a sport?  You have a coach who trains, guides, and organizes the team for victory.  Even a parent or family member who really works with you to bring you to victory in your situation can be defined as a coach.  So having a formalized profession of Coaches is not really new.

Think about those times in your life when you needed assistance on a plan, issue, or a goal and a person helped you.  It could have been successful or perhaps along the way you realized their help wasn’t working.  But all in all, they were coaching you along to help you reach your desired goal.

Are you in a place right now where having someone come along side you just might be “what the doctor ordered.”  But before you decide whether working with a Coach in your life would be beneficial, let me tell you what a Coach is and is not.  It doesn’t matter what type of Coach you are possibly considering working with (Life, Health, Career, etc.), a Coach is not a Counselor.  A Counselor helps you deal with issues from the past and counsels you towards healing.

A Coach on the other hand wants to know what your goal is and helps propel you into reaching that goal.  Your goal cannot be decided by anyone other than yourself.

  • A Coach will help you obtain clarity with your goals.
  • A Coach will help you find what’s holding you back, look at your options for moving forward, and then create a game plan to move you forward.
  • A Coach will ask compelling questions to help you discover that those answers to your questions are really inside you.
  • A Coach will walk with you as you move forward on your goal.
  • A Coach can help you re-calibrate your GPS
  • A Coach will help you see what has you stuck or paralyzed.
  • A Coach will help you thrive in life and not just survive.
  • A Coach will guide you to become your best self.
  • A Coach could help you fall in love with your life.
  • A Coach will help you live on purpose and with purpose.
  • A Coach can help you develop or strengthen your spiritual life.

Sometimes we get stuck in a pattern in our life that we just don’t know how to get out of it.  Or there are times in our life when we are trying to make changes to some issues but find it hard to get clarity.  It’s those times where a Coach can help you navigate the steps needed for success.

  • Sometimes we need support, love, and encouragement.
  • Sometimes we need guidance, wisdom, and fresh new ideas.
  • Sometimes we need someone to help us take charge of our life.
  • Sometimes we need someone to awaken what is in us to bring that change.

Of course, working with a Coach must be a good fit.  It must be a person you trust and respect and one that will respect you back. An effective Coach will never judge, condemn, or demean you but only help encourage and inspire you to success.

Are there issues in your life that need change, but you are paralyzed in making any change and it just seems week after week you find yourself in the same place?  Then perhaps working with a Coach will prove to be beneficial, but you won’t know until you take that first step and it’s an easy one.  Schedule a free Discovery Call to see if working together feels comfortable.  Invest in yourself … you are worth it. https://calendly.com/info-22168/30-minute-free-consult

I am here to help and encourage you to success!

Your Spiritual Life and Health Coach … believing in you!