Let’s Start 2023 on the Right Path!

I know many people look at the turning of a new year to take the opportunity to try a new “diet.”  I’m not an advocate of diets but more on eating balanced, whole, real foods.  When you take away “processed foods” or foods full of additives, preservatives and colorings, you will find a change in your health and your emotional balance … and you will probably lose weight.

I was trained as a Certified Health Coach by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN), and I LOVE their Food Plate.  I believe it is a more balanced way of eating.  But what also makes this plate balanced is the fact that the dinner plate is surrounded by Primary Foods.

What are Primary Foods?  They are what you do for physical activity.  For example, how is your job going?  Are you loving it and if not “loving” it, are you at least enjoying your workday?   Next focus is your relationships.  What are your relationships like, and do you have those in your life who lift you up and support you and do you do the same?  Lastly, is your spiritual life strong?  If these four areas are weak or in trouble, worrying about eating more broccoli is not the key.  Working on your Primary Foods is the key to do first.  Then work on your Secondary Foods (or the foods you eat) next.

We can tend to not look at our “whole” person and we compartmentalize areas of our life.  But our Primary Foods are critical to our overall health and well-being.  Getting physical activity doesn’t have to be joining a gym or buying a Peloton.  It could just be taking a walk daily.

If getting up 5 days a week stresses you out and you have that dread to start your workday, then something must change.  I do remember years ago when I lived in Miami.  I had a job that I hated more than I could put words to.  It was on 125th Street in Miami and each day as I turned left onto 125th Street intense depression came over me.  Every single day.  I did finally get to a point where I began looking for another job.  Actually, I think they got wind of my job search and let me go, but it was the best thing they did for me.  I did get another job, and all worked out well.

Looking at our relationships is important as well.  If we are in a marriage or a relationship that is not going well, then we need to focus on making it better.  Sometimes we can’t and if that’s the case, decisions need to be made what to do to have the strife out of our life.  Leaving isn’t always the answer but there is always an answer.

Lastly, having a spiritual life is of utmost importance.  When times get hard and the world seems to be crumbling around us, knowing there is someone greater than ourselves to give us the peace and rest we need to live in. I choose to have Christ in my life and frankly don’t know how I would have gotten through the things that I have without Him.  Be sure you have a spiritual life and be intentional about strengthening it.

Then of course, look at your actual food plate and be sure what you are eating is real, whole food.  Stay away from processed foods, cook from scratch as much as you can and try to balance your plate like the picture above.  You might find once you get rid of processed foods, sugars and unhealthy snacks, the weight will drop off, you’ll sleep better, have more energy and of course feel better overall.

So, put a plan in place and begin to make the changes necessary to let 2023 be a year of Health for you.  Do you need help?  I’m here for you.  You can set up a time to chat to see how I might help you reach your goal(s).  Do that by clicking here.  Let’s schedule a time to chat!

Then keep your eyes open for my Podcast series coming forth talking about fear, stress and anxiety.  Let’s nip that also this year.  It’s not a way to live and can cause many unhealthy things in your body.

Be blessed, be encouraged and know you are loved,

Your Spiritual Life & Health Coach … believing in you!

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