I hope this Blog Post finds you well and that you had a splendid weekend.  My weekend was quiet, I was able to finish off the top of a new quilt and get started on another one. Quilting has become a great passion of mine and I’m loving what it emotionally has done for me.  Soon I’ll do a PODCAST on that.

Today I feel I need to do a follow-up to my Blog Post from last week on Let’s Start 2023 on the Right Path!  I want to continue in this discussion about a “healthy food plate” or “food pyramid.”  I did provide an example of what a healthy food plate would look like in the prior Blog. If you would like to read that message again, go to Prior Blog Post Message!.  There you will also find the food plate.

Recently it was uncovered what our Government now considers a healthy pyramid and is promoting food that is very unhealthy and borders on toxic.  Take a listen to this news clip.  The link is below this image.

Watch the Video Clip by Clicking Here!

It is mind boggling that this is being promoted to people.  You must wonder what their motivation could be to promote unhealthy eating?  Do we need to follow the money?  Does unhealthy eating cause illnesses.  Illnesses cause the medical industry to grow and causes more clients.  Makes you think for sure.

Our best strategy is to ignore these recommendations, stop listening to our 3-letter Governmental Agencies, and just eat whole, real food.  Remember, when we eat food in its original form it is healthful to our body.  So, take a minute and listen to this clip.  It isn’t long but worthwhile.

Then if you are questioning your food intake and would like a review, download this Health History and complete it. Download Your Health History Form Here!  Once completed send it back to me at [email protected] and we will set up a time for a Free Health History Review.

Once again, let 2023 be a year of health!  Welcome in peace, love, joy and health this year!  I’m here for you and will come along side you.  Blessings, love and health!

Your Spiritual Life & Health Coach … believing in you!

We Must Be Vigilant In Understanding Our Food!