Circle of Life … your relationships!

I hope you were able to download the Circle of Life and determine where you are on each spoke of the Wheel.

This week I want to discuss the area of relationships and the importance of them.  Having healthy, supportive, and loving relationships is so important to our health and well-being.  I remember years ago when my marriage was not in a good place, the stress and anxiety of being in that tumultuous relationship could have caused much harm to my health.  I think it truly was the grace of God that got me through that time with no health issues.

What do we do if we don’t have healthy relationships?  Well for some relationships it might mean to depart from them.  Other relationships might be harder to leave like a marriage, or a parent or sadly a child.  Even if you have a relationship that you are not able to leave, doesn’t mean it can’t be healthy … at least from your part or perspective.  It would require much work but certainly worth it.

We have been made by our Creator to be social, to have relationships, to hug, and to love on each other.  When we are isolated or are in unhealthy relationships, it could do a number on our health.  How?  Well, some of the consequences of a unhealthy/stressful relationship could be that you develop sleep issues, a weaken immune system and even depression.  With all the isolation right now mandated by the Government due to a virus, has caused many seniors to say, “I’d rather die from this virus, than not see my children or grandchild any longer.”

Another point is to nurture, love and continue to grow the relationships you currently have.  As I sit at my desk and look out my window, I see my neighbor taking her two 3- or 4-year-old children for a walk around our cul-se-sac.  Adorably they are riding their mini bicycles with their training wheels on.  The sad part is the mom is walking behind them and is on her cell phone.  Most times as I see her out with her children for a walk, she is on the phone.

What is the message she is giving them?  Perhaps, they feel like their mom has no time for them.  I’m not sharing this in judgment of her but as a way to perhaps open the eyes of parents with children who don’t give them their full attention while with them.  I share this from experience.  Years ago, during that divorce, I sadly spent a lot of time being on the phone with family and friends.  I needed to talk to an adult to get a sense of sanity from what was happening around me.  But sadly, my time should have been spent more with my children.  I wish I could do that over again.  I spent time fighting for their protection but forgetting their need for my time with them.

So, think about your relationships and walk away from the ones that are truly unhealthy.  Work on the ones that you can perhaps bring change to and nurture the ones you have been blessed to have.

Making some life changes in this area sometimes needs the support of a Coach.  If you want to just have a quick chat, know that I’m here to help and give you an ear.

Be blessed and enjoy all those in your life … and remember to hug those you love!

Your Spiritual Life and Health Coach … believing in you!




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