Will These Food Labels Surprise You?

Bear with me as I write again about the necessity of being vigilant about reading labels and the foods you eat.  I’m not sure if food manufacturers are getting worse in what they are producing, or we are just being more aware.

I’m pretty much an organic eater and thought (at one time) that if something was organic it was healthful.  That was years ago.  Even now when something is “certified organic” you need to read the label fully.  We can never keep up on the changes that are constantly made in the grocery products industry.  This product below is not Certified Organic, but I guess they want us to think that it’s healthy by having Organic Corn Meal.  I’m not sure how they were able to get “organic” crickets to make flour.  That’s a mystery to me.

Check out the ingredients in the photo below.  How interesting the name of the Company is Actually Foods.  Really?  Since when is an insect in one of our food groups?  I’m sure that will change shortly.

The second product to look over is Simply Orange Juice.  It seems that insects are the new ingredient to our food supply.  Not sure how Simply Orange can say it’s 100% Pure Orange Juice when it clearly is not.


I don’t know how you feel about this, but I know for myself I have no interest in ingesting insects … organic or not.  Apparently, there is a Class Action Lawsuit against Coca Cola (Company who owns Simply Orange) because their product has been found to be contaminated with toxic levels of PFAS.  Their levels are 100 times above what the federal advisory limits for drinking water.  Now again for me, I don’t care what the Government has established as non-toxic levels of PFAS in our drinking water, I want 0 % of this chemical in my water.

You can read about this law suit in this link.

It seems we are at a crossroad of being sure we read every product we pick up at the grocery store even if it’s something we’ve been purchasing before. We need to be vigilant about reading these labels and what we put in our body to be sure we are not being deceived by these food manufacturers.

That brings us back to my original recommendation of eating food in the original way God created it.  If you want a snack or dessert, make it yourself.  Yes, it might take a few more minutes to make something from scratch than opening a bag or a box but at least you know the ingredients that are being put into that food item.

I know it can feel overwhelming especially if you open your pantry and look at all that is on your shelves that you probably guess is not healthy.  Sometimes we need some guidance and some wisdom from someone else to help us with this new quest for eating healthy.

As a Certified Health Coach, I can help you reach your goal(s), help you understand food and guide you on a path to health and wellbeing for you and your family.  Eating right can help with:

  • Strengthen your Immune System
  • Experiencing more joy and happiness
  • Getting rid of anxiety and depression (it starts in the gut)
  • Getting good restorative sleep
  • Clearing the brain fog
  • Perhaps loose a few pounds
  • Begin a journey of getting out of the system of “a pill for an ill,”and much more.

Let’s chat to see how I can begin this journey for you and make 2023 be a year of health and well-being.

Your Spiritual Life & Health Coach … believing in you!