Do You Have This Chemical In Your Body?

Do you have chlormequat in your body?  You just might especially if you eat Quaker Oats or Cheerios. Your well-being is not just isolated to one specific area of your life.  It encompasses all aspects of your life.  From your career, your relationships, your spiritual life and your diet … to name a few.  When […]

Four Steps to Turn Your Health Around!

Today I want to discuss with you some steps you can take to turn your health around.  Are these the only steps that should be taken?  Not necessarily but taking these steps will encompass much to help bring you positive results.  What are the steps? Step #1 – Be Sure to Take Care of Yourself […]

Who or What Defines You?

So many of us walk in an “untruth” of who we are.  We have let people, careers, and situations put a label on us that we carry throughout our life.  Those lies we believe about ourselves are always in the back of our mind.  From time to time they pop to the fore front.  We […]

Do You Have a Vision For Your Life?

I love this statement from Helen Keller when asked, “What is worse than not having sight?”   “Having sight but not having vision!” Wow, that statement is so impactful.  How many of us go through life drifting along being content with just doing our job and coming home?  How many of us never have had […]

Are You Dealing With Depression?

Depression is so prevalent in our society with many being on anti-depressants only to find that after a while they don’t seem to help.  I am not a big proponent of medications … especially as the first line of defense.  There are other steps I would take before I ventured down that path.  The first […]