Depression is so prevalent in our society with many being on anti-depressants only to find that after a while they don’t seem to help.  I am not a big proponent of medications … especially as the first line of defense.  There are other steps I would take before I ventured down that path.  The first path would be looking at my diet and what I’m putting in my body as nutrition.

Where Does Serotonin First Get Produced?

Studies show that serotonin gets first produced in our gut.  If our gut is out of balance, then so will our brain be

But food is not the focus of this Blog.

I want to ask you a question.  One that I think is critical to answer and depending on your answer could be the root of your depression.

“Was there something in your life that you felt you should have done but haven’t?”

If you answered yes, great we are getting somewhere!

If you answered no, then sit with it for a few moments and really think about it.  Make sure your no is no and not just a way to avoid a deep disappointment in your life.

Why do I think this question is important?  Because I believe we all have been created for a purpose.  We are each unique and have been given a gift and that gift needs to be recognized, developed and then released to the world because it is needed by many … or even just one.

I know for me I ALWAYS wanted to be a teacher.

When I was little, I ate, drank, dreamed, played and desired to be a teacher.  I would play that I had make believe students and I would teach them things they didn’t know.  I would encourage them to believe in themselves … probably because I truly needed someone to help me believe in me.

So, when I was in high school trying to figure out “what I wanted to do when I grow up,” I expressed my desire to go to school to be a teacher.  I shared this with my dad.  Unfortunately, what he said put “water on my fire” and it was squelched.  I have forgiven my dad for taking this dream away but what I’ve realized, that desire has never gone away.  It’s still in my heart buried deeply.

Husband was a very angry man!

I was listening to a motivational tape a number of years ago.  A couple was meeting with a Pastor discussing their marital problems.  The husband was a very angry man with dealings of depression and it was hurting their relationship.  The Pastor asked the gentlemen what the anger/depression was about?  The husband had no answer.  Oh, but this Pastor had much wisdom and discernment and said, “Let me ask you a question.”

“Was there something in your life that you felt you should have done but haven’t?”

The man immediately began to weep.  The Pastor struck a nerve.  He got to a root.  The husband was crying so hard he couldn’t answer.  But his wife did.  She said, “Yes there is.  When we first got married, he expressed his desire to be an Attorney.  I told him no I would not support this decision because of the time and money it would take.  So, he went on to another career.”

Consequently, that desire was still buried deeply in this man’s heart.  It was a void that he tried to replace with other things, but it wasn’t working.  What was manifesting was anger and depression.

So, I ask you again …

“Was there something in your life that you felt you should have done but haven’t?”

First Focus Should Be Primary Foods!

Dealing with our health and well-being isn’t just about the food we eat.  It’s more than that.  It’s about looking at your “Primary Foods” first.  Primary Foods are our Spiritual Life, our Relationship, our Career and our Physical Activity.  If those are out of sorts, it’s not more broccoli we need but dealing with what is out of sort.

I don’t know the outcome of this husband.  I could only hope he decided to go to law school and become a lawyer AND I can only pray his wife did not stop it this time.

What about you?  Is there something you always wanted to do or become but haven’t?  Don’t let age, finances or family stop what’s burning in your heart.  I’d love to work with you to get that in order to help you live in abundance.

Oh and BTW, I’m incorporating more TEACHING into my business.  More is to come!

Your Spiritual Life and Health Coach … believing in you!

Are You Dealing With Depression?