Using Music for healing goes back thousands of years; back to the days of King Saul and David. King Saul was the first King of Israel because the people wanted a “human” leader. They didn’t just want to have God as their leader. So God gave them King Saul. David, a man after God’s heart, was his Armor Bearer and helped to fight many of the battles for Israel. David was an anointed man that loved, honored and protected King Saul. King Saul became disobedient to the Lord and opened his spirit to many stressful, oppressive spirits. He would call David in to play the Harp to sooth his soul and David was successful. Music back in the Biblical days was played at a frequency that brought healing.

Advanced Brain Technologies (ABT)

After 20 years of research, Advanced Brain Technologies (ABT) has created a program to help bring healing for a number of issues … stress being one of them.

Stress is a growing problem in our society and the medications that are being offered are not necessarily freeing that person of their anxiety.

What Defines Anxiety?

What is the definition of anxiety? It’s a focus on the future and trying to figure out and determine the outcome. It’s an obsessing of what will happen or what could happen even if none of those issues are present. We tend to fill in the gaps of our mind with “what if’s” or take prior experiences and believe they are what will happen in our future.

When these gaps get filled with ideas of failure or defeat, it creates a “fight or flight” reflex. Then our Cortisol levels increase because our body is sensing “danger.” If this “fight or flight” increases and escalated too much, we can have a full blow panic attack.

We then have the sense that there is no way out … or that we could die.

When we have a true “fight or flight” episode, then we can go into “flight or fight” mode. For example, you are going for a walk and you see a bear near by. You go into “fight or flight” mode and run. You are able to physically do something. Your Cortisol levels increase to help you get away. Once you are safe, your Cortisol levels decrease back to normal. But you needed Cortisol to help you run and be in flight.

When that “fight or flight” is triggered by thoughts in your mind, where do you “fight or flight”? There is no place to “fight or flight” and it makes us feel stuck. We can’t necessarily laser in where the fear is coming from and all we know is we feel anxious and want to “fight or flight” but don’t know how or where to run to.

Anxiety Meds Don’t Heal!

Unfortunately, people are put on anti-anxiety meds; which never “heal.” They just suppress. Eventually the brain pushes back and increases the anxiety and you need more meds.

Dealing with stress is not just about popping a pill. There are a number of factors to look at that help bring healing. First it’s good to try to determine where the stress is coming from? You need to get to the root so you can bring about change. Unfortunately, our body keeps record of these stresses and sometimes it’s hard to “undo.” Looking at your diet will be critical to healing. Also, listening to music can help bring tremendous results. But not just any type of music will do.

You want to listen to “Psycho-acoustically modified classical music”.

There was a study was done by Runa Lieden-Karlsson from Sweden. She had two randomized groups that were treated for 20 weeks. A psychologist treated one group and one group utilized The Listening Program (or TLP). The listening group showed a significant reduction in stress compared to baseline at 10 weeks, 20 weeks and 8 months. (See below graph below.)

Are you dealing with stress? Don’t let it be part of your life. Don’t let it be your friend. Decide today to give it the attention it needs so that you can begin to live a life free and full of joy and peace.

Contact Me if you are ready to make a change and finally be free. I can help you get to that place of peace that you so richly deserve.

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Music is Healing! Let’s Apply it to Your Stress!