Fact vs Truth in Receiving Healing from Trauma?

What is fact vs truth in receiving healing from trauma?  Receiving healing from trauma can be a hard journey for many and not one we should have to endure in life.  One of the problems we face is undoing all the lies we’ve believed and the belief systems we’ve adapted.  And one of those belief […]

Healed Trauma Confirmed Through Quilting!

Sometimes it takes a while to realize we have been healed from a certain aspect of our experienced trauma and it’s not until something similar comes along to confirm that.  Well, that’s what my quilting has shown me. Take a listen to this latest Podcast Healed Trauma Confirmed Through Quilting! You too can receive healing […]

What Has Been Your Journey With Trauma?

Unhealed trauma can take you on a journey or path that is not one that the Father has destined for you.  But many times, you don’t realize that unhealed trauma is what is causing your pain.  Sometimes the trauma has been stuffed so far down that you don’t even remember it.   Then other times […]

How Can You Feel Loved Even During Your Divorce? 

Feeling rejected and abandoned from your marriage partner in your Divorce who you vowed to be with in sickness and health can leave you feeling so unloved.  How can you feel loved even in the midst of your divorce and this battle?  As much as we want “human” love, there is a love that is […]

Deep Breathing to Release Anxiety!

There are a number of things you can do to release anxiety in your body and depending on the level of anxiety and how long it’s lived in your body will depend on how quickly you can purge it from your body.  Living with high levels of anxiety and stress is not healthy for you […]

What Are You Doing With God’s Promises?

When we are in difficult circumstances, we tend to focus on all the horrible things that are happening to us which only gives more power to those negative circumstances.  Take a listen to this PODCAST to learn what to do when life has not handed you the cards you wish you had and how you […]

Are You Living Your Destiny?

Knowing, believing and living in our destiny is part of having an abundant life. If we are not having a life of abundance, then it behooves us to get with the Lord to discover what our destiny is and what we need to do to get there. Now don’t get me wrong, abundance is not […]

Four Steps to Turn Your Health Around!

Today I want to discuss with you some steps you can take to turn your health around.  Are these the only steps that should be taken?  Not necessarily but taking these steps will encompass much to help bring you positive results.  What are the steps? Step #1 – Be Sure to Take Care of Yourself […]

Organizing for Christmas!

It is hard to believe we just celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas is just 20 days away AND I’m not ready … at least with my shopping.  I have purchased a few gifts so far but have still a whole lot more to go.  Having my Christmas Eve menu is important, but I have not fully […]

You, My Friend, Are Created to Shine!

Yes, this is the truth.  You are created to shine!  Your destiny is written on your heart! Do you believe that? I had struggled with “shining” for a very long time because of the pain from the trauma I had experienced in my life.  But one day it finally hit me that yes, I am […]