As you are “moving forward” in 2024 with a Fresh Start! have you taken some time to reflect over the past year?  Can you identify what you were blessed with, what could have gone better and what was a total disaster?  When we look over the past, we can then know what we need to change for the future.

I journal so I can go over the year and be reminded of what my prior year was like.  I highly recommend this for everyone.  My journals are simple.  I buy them from Home Goods or TJ Maxx for $4 – $6 each.  When a journal is full, I put the date on the back so I can reference it down the road.

My Journals

Right now, I have journals since 1995 and I reference them frequently.  Journals that far back, though, can be painful for me to read as there was a lot of writing about the pain in my marriage.  I did a lot of crying out to God for what was happening.

But along with that pain was a lot of revelation and that I love being reminded of.  So, as you move into 2024, consider writing in a journal if you don’t currently. If you don’t like writing, then go on your computer and type.  Either way, keep your thoughts, your lessons, your dreams, and your answered prayer in a journal.

Do You Like to Write?

For me, I don’t mind writing but when I wake up in the morning from a very powerful or profound dream, I will immediately go to my computer to type it out.  Typing ismuch quicker than writing as dream can quickly slip away.  After I type it, I print it and paste it in my journal.  Do whatever works for you but I highly recommend keeping a journal.

So, as you reflect over the past year, what are some lessons you have learned and what is a new way for you to think on things?

Here are 5 things to think about that perhaps can help you move into 2024 with a renewed mind which then will help propel you into hope.

Five Suggestions on Doing Life Different

  1. Give God what you are not. God wants us to be empty vessels so He can pour Himself into us.  He does more with “nothing” than He does with something.  So many times, we are trying fix a situation in our power.  Or we are trying to create something in our own strength.  It’s God’s grace that gives you the ability to do what you think you cannot do.
  2. When you have bumps in the road as you are moving along in your journey, know that these bumps have a purpose. Find value in them rather than complaining or thinking “here we go again, everything always goes wrong.”  Ask the Father what He is doing in this bump and what He wants you to learn.  Then learn it fast.
  3. Stop looking for what God will do for you and start asking what God wants to do through you. Remember #1, He wants us to be empty so He can fill us with Himself. Then there are no limits on what can be done.
  4. Take each day and start enjoying the day and enjoying your journey. Stop fighting with what may seem to get you off track.  Stop fighting with wishing to have something different than what you have right now.  Remember life is more about the journey than about the destination.
  5. What are 3 things that you do well and what are 3 things you enjoy doing each day? Do they overlap?  Is there some correlation between them.  Are you filling your day with those things or at least part of your day?  If not, incorporate them into your day.

I hope these suggestions will be helpful for you as you take some steps to have a “Fresh Start” in 2024.

Be blessed and encouraged and know that I am here for you each step of the way.

Your Spiritual Life and Health Coach … believing in you.

“Moving Forward” with a Fresh Start!