Yes we need salt! So many diets tell us to be salt-free or to watch our intake and keep it minimal.  Now I agree with watching our intake, but I disagree with being free of this mineral.  Our body needs this mineral to:

  • Conduct nerve impulses.
  • Contract and relax muscles.
  • Maintain proper balance of water and minerals.

It is estimated that we need about 500 mg of sodium daily for these vital functions.  But the key is what type of salt are you taking?  Are you using common table salt like Morton which is highly chemicalized in its processing.  Or do you use a good sea salt or Himalayan Salt?  This chart below does a nice summary of the difference.

So go into your cabinets or pantry and if you are using common table salt, please consider ditching and start using Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt.  Your body needs it.

As always if you need assistance in determining what is in your pantry and if it’s safe for your family, consider my Home Detox Program.  I will go through your kitchen with you and help you sort through the food in your home and what could be potentially harming your family now or down the road.  But I will not just look at food. We will look at your pots and pans, cleaning products and more.  You’ll receive a written report with suggestions on helping you make your kitchen safe and providing healthy foods.

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We Need Salt!