My journey into wellness has taken a number of years.  It started for me 40 years ago when I had Typhoid Salmonella Food Poisoning and was feed IV antibiotics.  I truly needed the antibiotics to rid my body of the bacteria.    But what I didn’t realize is what those bags of antibiotics would do to my body long term.  Not only did they get rid of the Salmonella bacteria, but it also got rid of all the normal flora and bacteria my body needed.  About a year later, my body became infested with yeast/candida and no traditional doctor could resolve this issue.  Thankfully, I found an Integrative Medicine Doctor, Dr. Leo Galland, and he put a plan in place to get my body healed.  Hence, my start of understanding natural healing, natural eating, and natural body care.

Don’t put chemicals in or on your body

I do my best to never put a chemical in my body or on my body because of the toxic effects it can have on me long term.  One of the items I never use and don’t even own is Hand Sanitizers.  Years ago, (pre-2016) Hand Sanitizers had these chemicals in them … triclosan and triclocarban.  They were finally removed and outlawed to be used because they are highly toxic.  They are hormone disrupters.  So, these chemicals were removed.

But now the FDA is saying that Methanol in Hand Sanitizers is highly toxic and should not be used … and they initially approved it.

That’s the problem with “chemicals.”

One day they are ok and then down the road we find they are dangerous and toxic.  What’s the answer?  It’s easy.  Avoid them.  Don’t use them.  Don’t put them in your body or on your body.  Remember our skin is our largest organ and what goes on our body gets penetrated into our body very quickly.

Read the ingredients on everything you put in your body and on your body.

So, want can you use as a hand sanitizer?  How about just good old soap and water.  That’s what I use.  I don’t want a chemical to wipe away the bad bacteria on my hands as well as the good.  There are good bacteria that our bodies need.

But if you want something more than soap and water, then consider making your own.  It’s very easy.


Hope you enjoy!  If you would like to chat more about chemicals in your body care, let’s have a 30-minute free consult Would love to help you clean out those toxins and propel you to better health!

Your Spiritual Life and Health Coach … believing in you!


What Are You Putting on Your Body?