The wounding of so many women’s hearts seems to be beyond repair.  Because of past trauma, abuse, and neglect, hearts are aching to be loved, healed and whole.  On the outside they may feel “put together” but on the inside they are falling apart.  Unfortunately, they take these past traumas along with them on their journey of life.

But Jesus said, “He would not leave us as orphans.”  Does that mean we are?  I believe we are until we get reconciled to our Heavenly Father.   Once we are reconciled to our Heavenly Father, we will receive the “Spirit of full acceptance,” enfolding us into God’s family where we will know we are His beloved child.  It is then that our wounds will be healed, and our heart will be made whole.  The journey can be hard but not impossible.

Soon my book with be released so you can read my journey to help get you home to Jesus and bring you to the love of the Father.

Daddy Heart Book

Father Heart Book … about to be released