Recently I saw an interview with Alfie Oakes from a grocery store/restaurant/bar called Seed to Table in Naples, Florida.  It was a powerful interview, and I was so pleased to see that there are businesses promoting and selling food that nourishes people.  It was refreshing to listen to this gentleman talking about how serious he is with what he sells in his store and why.  We all need to have a store like his in our communities.

As we come around to another level of fear trying to be instilled by the Government and Mainstream Media regarding this virus, I want to encourage you that you don’t need to live in fear of these viruses if you begin to build a strong immune system.

First, let’s put things into perspective.

  • This virus, although very real, has never been isolated. So how they “test” for it is confusing to me.
  • This virus has a 99.98% recovery.
  • The creator of the PCR test stated it should not be used to diagnose.
  • This new variant they say that is on the rise, does not have a diagnostic test so I’m not sure how they are diagnosing it.

Sit with these thoughts for a few minutes and if you are living in fear, take a deep breath and apply some logic to what I stated above.

I learned the importance of “gut” health

In my Certification as a Health Coach, I learned the importance of “gut” health to our overall well-being.  I love this statement that was made years ago by a Scientist named Bernard:

“The pathogen is nothing, the terrain is everything!”

What was he saying?  His research showed that some people get sick while others don’t even when they are exposed to the same pathogen.  How could this be?  He believed it had to do with their “terrain” or their immune system.

We have over 360,000 viruses in our body let alone the bacteria that resides there too.  We need these viruses and bacteria to efficiently run our bodily system.  It’s when our immune system is weak that we activate a virus to take over.  Understand we will never be protected nor free of viruses/bacteria around us, no matter how many masks you wear or how much social distancing you do.  It just cannot happen.

So, what is one to do?

Take the responsibility for your own health by building your immune system.  Don’t wait for chemical drugs to come to your rescue.  Drugs that can have very toxic side effects.  Building your immune system would be a wise and healthy way to live a life free of the fear of being sick.

Alfie Oakes refused to shut his stores down during this past year and a half and never mandated masks let alone enforced “social distancing.”  He has over 3,000 employees and very few got the virus and those that did recovered quickly.  A couple were sick for a few weeks, but everyone else who did come down with the virus, took HCQ and Ivermectin.  Within 4-5 days, they were back to work.  NO ONE passed away.  Taking these proven therapeutics helped his employees recover quickly as well as teaching his employees to eat healthy.

Alfie grows much of the food he sells

Alfie grows much of the food he sells, and hand picks the other food to ensure he is giving his customers nutritionally filled food.  One of the statements he made was “99% of our flour is toxic.”  I couldn’t agree more.  I believe what our manufacturers have done to flour has striped it of nutrition and it is what is causing people to be gluten intolerant.

Much of our ground beef is filled with “pink slim.”  Pink slim is a meat by-product that is used as a food additive to ground beef and beef based processed meat.  It is used as a filler to reduce the overall fat content.  This type of ground beef has been treated with ammonia to keep bacteria from forming.  They then take cuttings and trim from cattle carcasses that they slice into little steaks.  It then gets ground into ground beef.  When we see 100% pure beef, it absolutely does NOT mean 100% pure beef.  When Obama was in office, he allowed the FDA to put “pink slim” in meat and sell it as pure.

What Did God Create in the Garden?

If we can remember what God created in the “Garden of Eden,” we will realize it was pure, real, nutritious, and wholesome food.  When man thinks he can make it better than the Creator of the Universe, man usually destroys it.  I have come to believe when the USDA or FDA say something is good, I believe the opposite.  I no longer have any trust in these 3 letter organizations.  When the government gets involved, we seem to get sicker.

When the government got involved in our milk supply and began homogenizing milk, people seemed to become lactose intolerant.  Was our grandparent’s lactose intolerant?  I don’t believe so.  They had their whole raw milk delivered by the local farmer.  Now with homogenizing milk, they take the molecules in the milk and break them down.  The cream doesn’t go to the top any longer because of that.  Because these molecules are now so small that when you drink milk, these molecules go through your gut lining into your blood stream.  Your body thinks there is something foreign in there and you have an adverse reaction.  Plus, you do not get any health benefits from your homogenized milk.

Rutgers University did a study

Rutgers University did a study and gave 50 pigs low fat milk, 50 pigs whole milk and 50 pigs raw milk.  Guess which ones were the healthiest, skinniest pigs?  If you guessed the ones that drank raw milk you are correct.  The unhealthiest pigs were the ones drinking low fat milk.  Whose is surprised?  I’m not.  The low-fat diet has ruined many lives as it has ruined food.  Our body needs fat and especially our brains.

I cannot encourage you enough to make some lifestyle changes to begin to build your immune system (that healthy terrain) so you can have a level of peace in your life where you will no longer live with fear, let alone terror, of a virus, no matter how strong that virus is.

Turning people’s health around by building a strong and robust immune system is my goal and my passion.  I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Your Spiritual Life & Health Coach … believing in you!








“The pathogen is nothing, the terrain is everything!”