Ponder this statement from Jane Goodall  for a few minutes and think about the food that is in your cabinet or pantry.  Is your food poisoning you?  Does the food you eat cause you to have increased stress, anxiety or depression?  Can it be causing il-health or dis-ease?

We cannot think that by continuing to eat poison it will not harm us now or down the road.  Some bodies have a greater tolerance and can detox it quicker.  But even if you do detox quickly, eventually it will build up in your body and cause harm to your organs.  Change things before it’s too late.

I can get push back from my family when I try to encourage them to stop eating what may be harming them.  I get it.  We are creatures of habit and don’t want to stop eating those foods that taste “yummy” to us.  But once you remove them from your diet and eat whole real food, you will not be able to go back.

I cannot eat an M&M or an Oreo because I taste the chemicals in these products.  I have not eaten a donut in probably 25 years.  It sits in my stomach horribly.

Jane Goodall sums it up beautifully.

Remember if you want to make changes to your pantry, I am here to help.  We can do a pantry/kitchen detox and then I’ll guide you to better choices.  Yes, I want to have you help me!

Have a blessed and healthful week.

Your Spiritual Life & Health Coach … believing in you!


Is Your Food Poisoning You? Could be!