It’s been a few weeks since I’ve sent you an email about my VIDEO/PODCASTS but that does not mean I have not been recording them.  There has been a change though and starting in 2023, I am only recording PODCASTS.  You can find me on:

  •             Apple Podcasts
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  •             iHeartRadio
  •             Amazon Music … and a few others

As a reminder, my PODCASTS are called … Giving You a Fresh Start!

The focus starting in 2023 is to guide people to live in a place of peace, love, joy and health.  If you have unhealed traumas in your life, I can probably venture to guess you are not living in peace.  Without peace in your life, your health can and will be affected.  Is there unhealed trauma from your past or are your current circumstances just too overwhelming?  Then take this journey with me as I unleash some tools for you to remove the unsettling feelings in your life and bring you to a place of peace and rest.  I talk about how I was healed from my trauma of abuse.

You can be healed and set free.  It is possible.  It can happen but there can and will be lifestyle changes you will need to make and if you find making those changes hard, that’s where a Coach can guide you on that path.

Below are the PODCASTS that I released this year.

My next PODCAST will be on How Do We Take Peace!

Review these PODCASTS below and see if any of them speak to you. Go to the Platforms above to listen or click this link and it will take you to those teachings. 

Do You Postpone Joy?

Are you one to say, “I’ll be glad when this year is over.”  Or “When such and such happens, all will be well, and I’ll be happy.” Do you make these statements and reside in a holding pattern for living life waiting for something to change?  I did this most of my life.  It’s not a way to live as I missed out on much joy and peace in my life.  Join me in my first Podcast for 2023 helping you remove fear, anxiety and depression from your life and guide you into a life of peace, love, joy and health.

Unleashing Anxiety!

Today I want to focus on some Emotional Recovery or Healing.  Because of past trauma and stressful issues in our life we can take on something to protect us, keep us safe, or put a shield around us.  That usually is fear or anxiety.  Fear or anxiety is NEVER your friend nor a protective answer.  Take a listen so you too can unleash your anxiety.

A Way That Can Perpetuate Anxiety!

On this PODCAST, I will discuss with you one of the issues that can perpetuate anxiety in your life.  It’s something that can be easily remedied if you choose to make this change. Sadly, many of us choose to dwell here and our anxiety continues day by day.  Would you like some tools to help you get beyond living in this perpetual anxiety?  Then take a listen to this PODCAST.

Write Away Your Anxiety!

Journaling is a way to help you with your anxiety or stress.  It definitely helped me and continues to help me.  By journaling you are getting the stress out of your mind and heart and onto paper.  Learn how I’ve been journaling since 1995 and how it has helped me stop the mental gymnastics.  Take a listen.  You just might have another tool in your pocket.

You Are Enough … Do You Believe That?

Do you believe you are loved by the Father in Heaven and He adores you?  He wants you to know you are the apple of His eye and that you are enough?  I didn’t and years ago if you told me that I was, I would get angry?  I was angry until the Father captured my heart.  He wants to capture yours. Take a listen to understand what He thinks of you and how much he loves you.

I hope and pray these teachings will touch your heart and begin to bring the healing you are hungry for and so deserve.

I’m here for you and care about you.  Helping you and setting you free would give me the greatest joy!

Schedule some time with me (no charge) to discuss how I can help you be free of all that has you bound.  Let’s schedule a “Reclaim Your Peace” Chat  Then get ready to propel your life to peace, love, joy and health!

Your Spiritual Life & Health Coach … believing in you!

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