I don’t know about you but more and more people I speak to tell me they are so fatigued.  It makes you stop and pause to wonder why there is so many people dealing with being so tired all the time.

I Had Seasons of Fatigue

There was a season of my life that I was very fatigued.  I didn’t understand why I was so tired as it would sometimes just pop up at the most unusual time of the day.   It was happening years ago when I was married.  I didn’t realize that my marriage was so draining, and I was in a state of depression.  One of the ways my depression would manifest was with fatigue.  I would just be so exhausted sometimes that I could just lay down on the coach and sleep.  It could be 4 – 5 pm in the afternoon and you would think I worked manual labor all day.  Yes, my days were busy taking care of a newborn baby but it should not have warranted the fatigue I felt.

Another period of my life that I experienced intense fatigue was when I was single in my early 20s.  Fatigue should not have been something I was dealing with at that age, but I was.  I could not get myself out of bed in the morning for work, so I attributed it to not getting to bed early enough.  So that night I get to bed earlier to only deal with exhaustion the next morning.  Then that next night I’d go to bed even earlier to the point I was in bed at 8 pm and then at 6 am when the alarm would go off, I couldn’t get out of bed.  It was so frustrating.

Could it Be Your Sleeping Habits?

Many times, we think it’s because we are not sleeping well so we think that if we make changes to our sleeping habits or patterns, that all will be well only to still experience that fatigue.  Consider this that when you do make those changes and you are not seeing positive results, perhaps it’s another issue.

The issue for me was unhealed trauma in my body which was depression expressing itself as fatigue.  I didn’t realize that at the time nor had the ability to figure it out … so I suffered.  I suffered as a young adult when life should had been free and happy. It carried into my adulthood until I began to deal with my past trauma AND remove myself from my current trauma of a toxic marriage.

Take These Suggestions First

Is this you?  Are you dealing with fatigue, and you feel you are out of answers?  Of course, your first plan of action is to be sure you have developed good sleep habits.  Here are some beneficial suggestions:

  1. Don’t have caffeine later in the day.
  2. Be sure your bedroom is completely dark. If not and you can’t get it fully dark, consider wearing an eye mask.
  3. No blue light (from all devices) at least one hour before bed but I’d say even two hours.
  4. Be sure your sugar intake is zero in the evening.
  5. Don’t snack after dinner.  It then makes your digestive system work while you are trying to sleep.
  6. Be sure your bedroom is on the cooler side.
  7. Don’t get into intense conversations early in the evening that could cause you to be upset.

If you make simple changes and you are still dealing with fatigue, then perhaps there is a level of depression you are dealing with from some past trauma.  Understand that:

“Depression and anxiety are not a disease.  It’s an experience of the mind

in response to circumstances, trauma and abuses.” Dr. Caroline Leaf

Caution Against Medications

Some people will go on medication which may help for a short while because it causes a numbness in your brain for a period of time.  But you are not healing the root.  Plus, the side effects can be worse than the symptoms and long-term effects of the medication can be dangerous.  We must get to the root to bring healing.

It wasn’t until I started to deal with my trauma and receive the healing that God truly wanted me to have did, I finally begin to have energy and not deal with fatigue.  Sure, if I don’t get the best night sleep one night I’ll have fatigue the next day, but I am not living day to day dealing with fatigue.

If this is you and you would like to get to that root, please reach out.  You do not need to live with pain or fatigue from your trauma any longer as there is a way to be healed.  I’m here to help you.  Take that first step and let’s just have a chat to see how my Spiritual Life Coaching can bring relief to your body.  I love this quote from Zig Ziglar, “Even if opportunity knocks at your door, you still have to answer it.”  

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